Oh Happy Day…

I have been having a hard time getting Michaela’s subjects sorted at school. It has taken a whole half year to get them to change her to a higher maths class as she was finding the work far too easy (how nice to have a maths brain!!), but oh happy day, we have finally won the battle. We were told when we enrolled the children at the school that they did not have too much choice of subjects as they were late starting the year with our move and that some classes were full. So we were given some subjects. Ethan was mostly happy with his choices, but Michaela was given some strange subjects for the second semester. She was told she would have to do Personal Development which included subjects like anger management, getting your driver’s licence etc. Yes, I kid you not. This is definitely not Michaela’s cup of tea. The other subject she was given was called Body and Soul and included massage, tai chi and yoga. Even less Michaela’s cup of tea!!

We have managed to change these subjects and so now she will be doing English, Essential Maths, Forensic Science. Law and Order, Photography and Architecture in our environment.  It seems to me she will have a great semester learning some interesting new subjects. As for me I am just relieved the battle is over and won!!


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