Chess game

Life is a bit like a chess game to me. I have never really understood the game of chess nor have I had the patience to play it, but in life, one has to play and sometimes the game can be frustrating, tedious and a little confusing – yes that about sums up chess for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving life and all its challenges that come our way – we grow and learn so much when we face things that require us to dig in our heels and trust God no matter what. The thing that has surprised me so much is how we do life and think we are making our plans and living the best way we know how. Then things happen that make me wonder – Oh my gosh, God has planned that we be here now and that we meet certain people in our journey of life. I have been amazed at how we are connecting with people that we met years ago, continents away. We are now in Melbourne in the church of a couple who were our home group leaders in South Africa when hubby and I were students at college. We live three houses away from a couple we knew in our church in South Africa 23 years ago. They have since lived in England and we have since lived in New Zealand before coming here. We have met up with a couple we knew from Durban and George who are in our church now and I discovered she and I were at the same high school in South Africa although in different years. The latest surprise to us was a couple from South Africa who lived in Los Angeles. We met them 11 years ago on our first trip to LA for a church conference. They hosted us then and when we stayed with them we discovered that the two hubbies were related – how weird is that. Their grandfathers were brothers. We had heard they had moved to the Gold Coast of Australia a few years ago and they even visited us once in NZ. Well to our delight we have discovered that they live in Melbourne now about a 10 minute drive from us and that their children go to the same school hubby will be teaching at next term (Oh yes it is official now – he has the teaching job in the Christian school – yahoo!!). We had a delightful time catching up with them yesterday. This makes me wonder – why is God bringing us all together again – I can’t believe it is merely coincidence but that there must be a reason for it all – the world is so big and yet here we all are together again and all very hungry for more of God’s Kingdom to come and invade earth. So just like a chess game, I see how God is moving us strategically without us ever feeling manipulated or like a pawn to win a game that is the game of life. When I look at chess this way, it certainly seems more interesting to me!!


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