It is officially winter here and even winter can have its beauty. I have enjoyed watching the trees become bare and the evenings and mornings become crisp and invigorating. I might not be saying that in a couple of months time, but for now I am enjoying the season we are in. This could have a lot to do with the fact that we have decent heating in our new home. For years  previously we had really bad heating in our homes as our rentals were pretty old and not heated properly throughout.

This can really make winter seem cold and unpleasant for everyone. Now we are toasty warm this winter and what a pleasure. Here are some of the things I love about winter.

Warm fireplaces that glow and crackle and give a feeling of comfort.

Hot chocolate on a cold night and even better with a rusk to dip.

A good book or dvd to watch.

Rich fabrics that have warmth and texture.

Warm desserts like Apple pie or self saucing chocolate pudding.

The family huddled around the fire enjoying each other and it’s warmth and TOASTING MARSHMALLOWS.

One of my favourite magazines ever is called “25 Beautiful Homes”. It is a British magazine but it is crammed full of homes (25 of course) that give you lovely ideas and inspiration. I am fortunate that I do not need to buy them as our library stocks them and I can take them out regularly. Not only do you see different homes, but they give interesting stories behind each family that lives in the homes. I love seeing how the British make their homes cosy – especially in the winter months.

And now I think I will have that hot chocolate in front of the fireplace!!


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