It’s the Little things….

Often when I am decorating at home, it is the little things that make a difference and give my home its unique character and flavour. I enjoy finding things that are unusual and making something interesting out of them. Most of my things are not brand new as I have a small budget to work on right now. Thrift stores/ Op shops are really an excellent way to change the look of your home without breaking the bank balance. We have a fantastic $2 shop here and nothing is over $2 from this shop which makes it easy to add little things for a good price..  Here are some of the things I have found and how I have used them in my home.

I have had these postcard prints for over 10 years. I have always wanted to frame them, but knew it would be costly so I have had them in my photo box for years. They are of paintings done by a friend inspired by the Song of Songs and I really love them. I found two frames at the $2 shop – yes each frame for $2 and so I decided to group them in the frame. I love how they turned out.

I have had this empty frame for a while – I found it at an op shop – I found the heavy iron keys at the $2 shop – I really love them. Now I have hung the keys on the wall and framed them with the empty frame.

I found this colourful bag at an op shop for 50c. I have hung it on the wall in my dining room – it goes beautifully with my painting of Greece.

This is my bedroom at the moment. I am not wild about the heavy green drapes that are throughout the house, but I can live with them for now!! I have 3 wire stars on the wall from the op shop and one of my favourite mixed media paintings that hangs over our bed.

My next project is to work on a headboard for our bed – but that will take time.

I have not had a bedside table since we moved here and it drives me crazy. Yesterday I found a solution while in the $2 shop. They were selling different sized boxes that were very pretty. I bought 3 and filled them with my photos and other loose paperwork and placed them next to my bed. Now I have a spot for  my books and little netbook computer that I use everyday.

And finally I found this chalkboard that I have put in my kitchen at the $2 shop – it is great for writing notes, quotes of the day, lists or scriptures.

Other little things I like in my home is fresh flowers from the garden – I dream of a garden full of wild, country flowers. What little things do you like to put in your home to make it special!!


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