laundry makeover part 1

If there is one thing I loathe, it is doing laundry – I hate hanging it up and I hate sorting it even more!!! Maybe because we are a large family, it seems to be a never-ending chore. I have a huge laundry in my new home which is great – except for the fact that it became a storage room for all sorts of junk as well as overflowing with clothing. Today I looked at it and could bear it no more – my joyless task of laundry was made worse by the fact that I had to climb over numerous piles of junk just to get to the washing machine!! So part 1 of my laundry makeover was to tidy and sort. I am hoping to make the space a little nicer in the future and will post that in part 2. I figure that if I  make it an enjoyable room to be in, then the task won’t seem so bad. Here are the before photos of the laundry before I tidied up today ( yes I am shaming myself publicly so that we hopefully never go back here again!!).

GASP!!! I can hear you all saying. Yep, I agree!!

Here it is after the clean up.

I wouldn’t say I am inspired to do laundry now, but it certainly is less stressful going in there now – I wonder how long it will stay tidy – hmmm….


2 thoughts on “laundry makeover part 1

  1. Your Mom

    Hi there! You obviously get your untidiness from me, I am afraid! I am inclined to leave everything until I can have a grand tidy up – then I feel really good and smug after I have done it! What you don’t get from me is the dislike of hanging up wet washing – it is one of my most favourite jobs and there is an art to it – properly done and very little ironing is needed when dry. Taking it down is also a nice job for me! I remember the never-ending laundry with four children – grubby little brats you were!! (Only joking!)

  2. 4maze Post author

    Yes Mom, and now I am learning what a huge pile of laundry is from my own four grubby brats angels – hee hee!!


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