Off to Camp…

Zoe is off to camp tomorrow and she is very excited. This will be her first ever school camp and so she can’t wait. I am hoping the weather will be good and not too drizzly and cold. Winter is setting in with a vengeance – I have been surprised how cold it can get here – although I shouldn’t really be surprised – we are further South than we were in Auckland – it just doesn’t  feel further south to me!!

She is off to a palce called Sovereign Hill which is in Ballarat – about 2 hours from Melbourne. This is a gold mining town with a lot of history and so she should have a blast. I remember going on a school camp to Pilgrims Rest in South Africa when I was a similar age to her and it was also a Gold Mining town – it was really fascinating to hear all the history. I have posted some photos I found to give an idea of where they are off to – she won’t have a camera with her and I don’t think blogging Mummies are allowed to tow along with their cameras all for the sake of a post!

Michaela is green with envy as she is a history lover and Museums are one of her very favourite outings – I can see that we will have to make a family trip there sometime!!


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