Emerald Lake Park

Today was a beautiful Autumn day so we decided to explore a bit of the Dandenong ranges. We didn’t want to travel too far so we went to Emerald Lake Park which is about half an hour from our home.

 It was lovely there and we had a great time. We barbequed our sausages and had a picnic lunch all while watching some beautiful and amazing birds. The Kookaburra had us chuckling the most as he would wait till someone dropped some tidbit and then he would swoop in for his lunch.

We saw some other beautiful birds as well.

Then we went for a paddleboat ride on the lake. This was great fun but hard work too. Aaron thoroughly enjoyed it as did the girls.

The Autumn trees were beautiful – I must say that Autumn is one of my favourite seasons – the incredible colours that are displayed really energise me and inspire me.

The Steam trains also pass through the park on their way to other places in the Dandenong ranges and so we watched them at the station too.

All in all we had a fabulous day – the only thing missing was Ethan. This is a park I would love to visit again sometime.


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