4 today….

Today is Aaron’s 4th birthday – it seems like the other day that we had him and he is so cute. Often he comes out with little sayings that have me giggling. He loves imaginative play and swords and lightsabres are his favourite toys together with lego and playstation games. He is a bright button and has learned to get onto the computer and navigate his way around quite successfully much to my horror (so that’s where all our broadband goes!!!) The other day he picked up our Dvd of The Pirates of the Caribbean and said very earnestly, “This is the Carrots of the Paribbean” – had Hubby and I chuckling for awhile.

Here he was as a newborn – he spent a couple of days in the neonatal ward due to my gestational diabetes.

We have all so enjoyed having him in our family – an absolute joy to us all.

This is Aaron today.

Happy Birthday Aaron – we love you more tham M&M’s

We had an early morning start as he was excited to open his presents. He had such fun ripping the wrapping paper on all the presents except for one. We have a very good friend here who has a very mischievous sense of humour. She felt that Aaron needed a challenge now that he was 4, so she wrapped her present and then taped all around it many times. I think the boy was puzzled as he tried to unwrap all this tape – he got stuck a few times.


2 thoughts on “4 today….

  1. Tina

    Aw happy birthday gorgeous little dude!
    Wow Caroline I can remember him as a little baby – he was the cutest little guy. Congrats’


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