Mothers…. the best gift

Sixteen years ago on Mother’s Day I received the most precious gift – the birth of my eldest daughter Michaela It was a great way to celebrate my first ever Mother’s Day. Then when Aaron was born nearly 12 years later it was the day before Mother’s Day – another special way to spend the day – with all four of my gorgeous kids. We have never really gone over the top for Mother’s Day as a family, as we try to value one another all the time if we can. Usually the kids will make me a card and there may be a little gift, but mostly I love just having them around me and receiving cuddles and the quick “I love you”, even though it is not really cool anymore to cuddle Mum when you are Ethans age. I look at my kids and as a Mum I am grateful and thankful to God for each of them – unique personalities and all. They have brought joy to us in ways we cannot express. So to My Mum and Mum-in laws, we really appreciate you not only today but always as you add to our lives in ways that are really important even though we are apart. Have a great Mother’s Day with love from us all. xxxx


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