Food Glorious food…

There is nothing nicer than tasty food – and when it is delicious food for budget prices, then somehow it tastes even better. We have a lovely store near us called NQR which means Not Quite Right and they sell all sorts of products that are not good enough for the shelves but are still good for use at a very cheap rate. It is always the luck of the draw as to what you will get, but we always seem to come out with some great buys. Yesterday I popped in there and managed to get a pack of Brandy Baskets for $1.50 a pack. I also got some beautiful Greek yoghurt for $2-99 a kilo. So for dessert last night we had some greek yoghurt mixed with a little whipped cream and brown sugar and cinnamon inside our brandy baskets with a chocolate sprinkle on top – everyone loved it. This dessert costed out to about 50c a serve. Next time I will try the yoghurt mix with some fruit.

We also managed to get a box of Taco shells for 99c which the kids enjoy eating – makes a great cheap Mexican meal.

Tonight I am making a Minestrone soup in my slow cooker and that should be very tasty. These are the ingredients I used but really anything goes;


  •         1 Large onion
  •         4 rashers of bacon chopped
  •         3 cabbage leaves finely chopped
  •         garlic
  •         1 tin chopped tomatoes
  •         3 chopped carrots
  •         1 tin mixed beans
  •         some cauliflower florets
  •         4-5 cups of chicken stock
  •         ground black pepper and salt
  •         1 cup pasta shells/macaroni
  •     Fry bacon and onion and garlic, add cabbage and then throw all ingredients into slow cooker and turn on to auto. Cook till vegetables are tender. Serve with garlic bread and a sprinkling of cheese on top. A great winter warming meal.

One thought on “Food Glorious food…

  1. Amber

    Caroline ~ Thank you for your kind words on my blog post yesterday. And if you did live around the corner, I would certainly be most accepting of your assistance in painting our bathroom! 🙂 These little desserts are so cute! Sound yummy too! I’ve never heard of brandy baskets. Is that an English thing, I wonder? Whatever they are, they look scrumptious!


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