New Header and Name…

I am forever changing my header at the top of my blog – why? Just because I like change – I am always trying to change my home around, add new things and even our lives show change all the time – good grief, we have lived in three countries in 8 years!! Well I have not only changed my header again but I have decided on a new title for my blog. My link will remain the same, that being but I have decided to call my blog Simply Lovely. I am not sure why I have chosen that name except to say that simple things are the nicest things in life. I believe in living life to the full and loving life, but keeping it simple at the same time. Whenever I find things becoming complicated I lose track, get frustrated or just downright annoyed. So Simply Lovely is about living life and having fun, my family and our escapades and any other simple but lovely thing that may happen in my life. This is also how I have come to see myself in Jesus eyes as of late – just Simply Lovely!!


One thought on “New Header and Name…

  1. Tina

    Now that is a “simply lovely” idea my simply lovely lovely friend = ) hanging out for another chat some time


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