This month is a busy birthday month for us all. It is M15’s birthday on Saturday and A3’s birthday next week. A new birthday in a new country. We have decided to do a birthday family outing to the Drive -in for a night at the movies. I didn’t even know that Drive-ins still existed – I thought it was something that died out in my late teenage years – apparently not so!! They are a bit different now – the one we will be going to has 3 screens and shows 3 movies at a time so you just park and watch the movie you want. We are going to pack a yummy birthday picnic tea which will include a lot of chocolate for M15 and lollies for A3. I am looking forward to reminiscing as hubby and I courted at the Drive-in when we were students.

I am attempting two new recipes for the birthday cakes – a chocolate mud cake for M15 and a 3D Lightning McQueen cake for A3. I will let you know how they turn out. We have a few other surprises up our sleeves but I can’t tell you yet otherwise they won’t be a surprise. Will update you soon…


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