She runs like the wind…

Z10 took part in her Inter school cross country event today and she did us proud as always. She is such a delight this child and I love her dearly. She is gentle and very caring but under it all is a competitive streak that comes out every now and again. She ran against about 90 runners and ran a very good race. Overall she came in third and won a bronze medal which made her very happy. Now she goes on to run at the next level in a Zone meeting which will be very exciting. Here are some photos of her event today. Her achievement had Hubby wiping away tears of pride (thank goodness for sunglasses!!). I am so glad he could be here to see her run.


2 thoughts on “She runs like the wind…

  1. Tina

    Aw Caroline, congrats to your beautiful girl. Well done, you go girl! She’s looking so much more like you now (and her hair has grown). So lovely = )


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