Job Update..

What can I say, but that I am grateful to be able to testify to God’s faithfulness and goodness to us once again. I mentioned  that I would be  testifying soon about Hubby’s job. Well this is it!!! This happened about 2 weeks ago but I haven’t posted until now because it isn’t all official just yet, although hubby has bascically been offered the job.
We had done all we could to get a teaching post. Hubby registered in the state of Victoria to teach, we sent out countless CV’s and applications to various schools – most of them before we even got to Melbourne and yet nothing turned up work wise. About 2 weeks ago I really felt an assurance from God that Hubby would literally have a job offered to him and it would be one he wouldn’t have to strive for or even look for. That didn’t mean we stopped looking or applying, it just meant that I did not feel stressed or worried that we are both unemployed.

We were walking in town and I blurted out this thought that God would supply the job and that it would be easy. Well even I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Not 10 minutes after I had said this did we receive a phone call from a teacher in the church who had news that a position was becoming available in July at their Christian school. She felt Hubby was the right person for the job. To cut a long story short, Hubby has been for an interview, was well received and has been virtually offered the job if he wants it!! Of course he wants it!!! It is only about a 15 minute drive from home which is amazing in a city as big as Melbourne, and he knows a few of the staff members as well. This is our Father’s goodness to us – what an awesome heavenly Father we have. Of course this leaves us  over 2 months to find other work as he still needs to earn some income, but he has been listed to do relief teaching at the same school should it come up, and God in his goodness has organised that he be offered some contract work doing data entry and costing for a builder from his laptop at home in the evenings for a good wage. I have enquired about my teacher registration and thought it would be a very complicated process as I haven’t taught the Primary level for 15 years, but today I received the good news that it is just a formality of registering and then being able to teach, so that is our next aim so I can also do some part time teaching.

Again it came to me that our words have the power to create or tear down  – do you know that you can create life or death? Just as God spoke the earth into being so we can speak things that aren’t into being – Why? Because we are made in His image and likeness – His DNA is in us and this means that we change things in the very atmosphere when we declare them out. If you say negative things about yourself all the time, like, “I am fat or “I am ugly or useless “- guess what? That’s exactly what you become!! Try it – start declaring positive, good things out your mouth and see what happens – you will be surprised. God is so good all the time!!


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