Home touches

Winter is beginning to set in this week. We have moved to rainy weather with the temperature dropping considerably from our unseasonably warm weather last week. Usually a temperature of 15 degrees wouldn’t really bother me when we have come from New Zealand and this would be the normal temperature at this time of the year, but when you jump from a 29 degree week down to temperatures between 13 and 15 degrees I can’t help but feel a bit chilly most of the time. Fortunately we have ducted heating in our home which is wonderful and makes all the difference.

Our home is coming along nicely. We continue to be blessed in little ways that make a huge difference to us all. Yesterday I found  a family on ebay who live near us – they had ripped out their carpet to put in new carpet and wanted to get rid of their old carpet for free. I have been looking for rugs for awhile but have not found what I want so I decided this would be a good option for the time being. We now have carpet in our lounge, diningroom and rumpus room. It really does make a difference to the house – it adds warmth and comfort to our rooms.

We were also given two more single beds for the children yesterday – A3 has been sleeping on a camp bed for the last two months and E13 has had a very old mattress and base that had seen better days, so now we all have beds that are good. A3 was really delighted with his new blue bed and we have given Z10 the lovely wooden bed after shifting her bed to E13’s room. All is good now and we basically have everything we need. We are so thankful for provision.

As I type this we have been given a really lovely sleeper couch for our rumpus room – I know this sounds ridiculous as I read it, but we are overwhelmed by all that has come our way.

Hubby has been very industrious and has divided the rumpus room and living area (which had no door between them) with a bookshelf that he has made. It is rather rustic and we still need to paint it, but it gets the job done and will look good when finished. We now have a mini library in our lounge and are busy collecting old books from the op shops to fill up the shelves.

We hosted our first group of visitors on the weekend – six people and there was no problem fitting everyone in. It is lovely to have the space to be hospitable and makes it less stressful.  We are also meeting in our home now for home group and that has been fabulous – it means it certainly makes it easier for me with A3 being in his familiar environment.


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