I feel blessed…

Don’t hate me for this post please!! I feel so blessed again – every time I think we can’t be more blessed than we are, something unbelievable happens again. We have been looking on ebay for a couple of couches for our rumpus room so that the kids can play their games and watch tv and I did not want to spend much as we are on a budget for the time being. I spotted a pair of black couches that were going at a very cheap price – 99 cents each. I placed my bid and left it never thinking that I would actually win it – but my motto has always been that one must put some bait in the water if you want to catch a fish.  Well to my delight we won both couches for $1.98. They are in great condition and more than adequate for us – in fact I liked them so much that I moved the fairly worn blue couch that was in my lounge to the rumpus room and have put them in my lounge. When we went to pick up the couches the guy selling them didn’t want to take my $2 but we gave him $5 instead and told him to have a coffee on us – the least we could do for winning such a bargain. Is God good or what!!!

My roses have been flowering beautifully since Rose cut them back and tidied them up – they are lovely in my lounge. The three wire stars are another op shop find – $1 – they hang in my bedroom with my Faith, hope, love painting.


One thought on “I feel blessed…

  1. embejo

    Wow! Don’t hate you of course! Just inspired to see what God can do to bless us 🙂 So happy for you…that is indeed a bargain! They look great…wow…


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