Fresh encounters…

There is so much happening in my life and in my christian walk. Over the last two years, Hubby and I have had some incredible encounters and experiences with God – more real and even unbelievable in some ways. At times we have had to search the scriptures and seek God to check that they aren’t too weird and off the wall. Our journey of entering into the supernatural in greater measure is just beginning even though we have been christians for decades and led churches, we are only just now seeing what it means to walk in His Kingdom. This is very exciting. I try not to post all my encounters here as I have another blog called Fresh Encounters and can be found on my blogroll or you can follow this link  if you would like a read.  I have felt prompted to write a few more things down and I have been holding back as we process a lot of these things but now it’s time to write them down.


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