Open Heavens

About two years ago hubby and I were taken to task by a fellow brother in Christ who told us that we had a poverty spirit, that the favour of God was not upon us and that we would never have His favour as we had taken from His church and had used His people. This somewhat confused me as we had laid down our lives for 12 years to plant and build churches. Nevertheless, this actually did not bother me or even hurt me as  God had set me free and showed me His unconditional love and favour about two weeks before this incident happened.  I share this now because I am in wonder and awe at how good God has been to us and how He has supplied our every need as we have relocated and started afresh in a new country. We have had every item conceivable in our home given to us by people who did not even know us but loved us because they love Him. Then two days ago we got a phone call from someone saying that we could have a chest freezer if we wanted one as it was being thrown out. Well we were delighted as our fridge has no freezer and we thought we would buy one as soon as Hubby was settled in a new job. The freezer is perfect and works well – a real blessing!! 

This morning I thought that I really needed to buy A3 some new shoes as his are a little too small and winter is on the way. I went to the Op shop hoping to get him a pair. We tried on a pair of hiking boots but they were a little too small and there was nothing else. Later on in the day a friend from around the corner popped over with a brand new pair of Gap hiking boots for A3 – she had bought them at an outlet store on sale for her son and they ended up being too small and no exchanges were allowed so she thought of A3 and how he might be able to use them. They fit perfectly. Now  nobody can tell me this is merely coincidence. God knows exactly what we need and He makes a way to supply it. Not only did A3 get brand new shoes, but they cost us nothing as she wouldn’t hear of taking money for them. I clearly see God’s favour and open heaven over us as a family and I will testify of His goodness to us. I look forward to sharing how Hubby gets a job as I believe God has the perfect position for him. God is good all the time – we can never outgive Him.


One thought on “Open Heavens

  1. Tina

    FAVOUR FOR SURE! Love it, love it, love it!!! WE HAVE AN AWESOME DAD who is always in a good mood and we are HIS! So excited to hear all your news… that great job is on its way!!! lotsa love t


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