Sibling love

Sometimes I feel that all I do is intervene in sibling warfare in our home. If it isn’t M15 yelling at the younger kids to stop making a racket, then it’s E13 teasing and annoying his younger siblings or Z10 exerting her power over A3 because she needs someone to mother or boss around. A3 has retaliated in the last week by twice biting  Z10 on the arm in sheer frustration and while I don’t endorse his behaviour, I actually can underatnd why he has behaved that way – there are some days I feel like biting, smacking or yelling to get their attention – to show them how monstrously they can behave to one another. Then when I feel I can’t take it any more they side with one another and present a united and loving front and I have to quickly snap it on camera to get a record that they do actually love one another dearly despite the rivalry, frustration etc. that goes with having siblings. Did we ever behave this way growing up? – I guess we must have – well done Mom and Dad for putting up with us!!


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