to honour…

Hubby has arrived (as you all know – I haven’t stopped smiling for 24hrs) and he was sharing his last week in Auckland with me. I was so pleased to hear how he was so honoured at work and really given a good send off. This made me happy for him, because the last city we left was with tears and heartache and we were left feeling condemned and rejected. He said that he had felt he had left well and that he had made a difference in his workplace. As I read his card, the staff  had amazing things to say about his integrity, his passion, his complete faith and love for Jesus and the impact he had on many of their lives. It didn’t end there, many pupils thanked him for bringing them to Jesus and making their walk with him more real and alive.

This has made me think again that honour is so important in our lives. Yes we all make mistakes (we certainly have), but surely even when people have messed up we should honour them for what they have done and what they have contributed – wouldn’t restoration be quicker and easier for them then?  I can’t quite figure out why we humans always highlight the negative and the bad aspects of people instead of looking at the good. Is it because it makes us feel better about ourselves when we think others are worse than us and if so, then how insecure are we??

I guess I have come to a point in life where I don’t want to judge others anymore – life is too short and why waste time?

So I am delighted that my man has been honoured – not because he needs it to feel secure, but because he is all those things and more as a person and he has made a difference to people’s lives. Honour is a good thing and I believe a godly thing too. Let’s try honour one another more and appreciate each other – what a world it would be then!!!


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