Memo board

I have completed M15’s memo board and although I wouldn’t say it is the most awesome memo board I have ever seen, it is definitely practical and quite pretty. It wasn’t very hard to make and fairly reasonable cost wise. The board cost $1,50 at the thrift store, the fabric was $6 which was the biggest cost as it was quilter’s fabric, the wadding was less than a dollar and the ribbon was $3. I used acrylic paint I already had to paint the frame. So all in all it cost me about $11.50 – not too bad condidering the plain corkboards at the Reject shop are about $8 new and they are rather unappealing and not very attractive.

Here’s what I did.

Collect everything you need for the project – I had an old corkboard, some fabric that I chose, ribbon, paint, wadding and some tacks/drawing pins.

Firstly I removed the corkboard from the frame carefully.’

Then I cut out wadding to the same size as the corkboard.

Then I painted the frame in the colours I chose (sorry this photo is not the frame of this particular memo board but my other one – forgot to take a picture!) I painted this frame first with a creamy colour then with gold and then silver acrylic over to take off the brightness.

Place your corkboard with wadding on your fabric and pull the fabric over the board and pin or staple into place. Stapling would be better but I didn’t have a stapler so used drawing pins which worked fine due to the nature of my frame. Pull your fabric as tight as you can so as to avoid wrinkling on the front of the board.

Make sure all the corners are neat and tidy.

Next plan where you want your ribbon. I decided to make larger diamonds so that the fabric pattern would still be seen. Pin/staple your ribbon into place.

The next part was a bit tricky – I had to slide the board back into its frame which was hard as it was a bit thicker with the wadding. With a bit of perseverance we got there. All that was left to do was to hang it on the wall and put up some photos/memos etc.

This was a fairly easy project that was quite quick and easy to do – you could embellish your frame further with beads, buttons or other things. I am planning to maybe add some lettering to my board when I am finished. I will show you that one when I am finished. Happy creating everyone!!


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