Thrifty Treasures

I popped into my local Op shop today to see what they had – I had no intention of buying anything but they had amazing things today and I could not resist (it’s that addiction I’m afraid). I felt very thrilled with what I got  – have a look and see if you think I got a bargain.

This is a lovely cream tablecloth with a subtle pattern – it is fairly large and is in perfect condition – no stains.

These place mats (8 of them) are a butter yellow and also in lovely condition.

Then I spotted something I have been wanting to collect for a very long time but even my favourite auction sites sold them for more than I wanted to spend. I held my breath that this would go for a steal – it did! I am planning to buy different glass decanters and perfume bottles to make a pretty collection. The stopper on this one is pretty heavy so it must be crystal I’m guessing.

Then I got practical – I found Z10 a winter school fleece.

These two boards caught my eye as I have been looking for something similar. M15 wants a pinboard for all her things and I want a notice board/inspiration board/memo board or whatever you would like to call it. I found both these corkboards and I plan to convert them into something pretty and practical very soon, but will blog about that later.

I always look at frames even if they have ugly pictures inside in the hope of revamping them to use for my own pictures. I found this beautiful wooden frame with a lovely quaint picture in it – M15 loves old/historical pictures so I thought this would look gorgeous in her room. Not sure if I will keep the wooden frame or paint and distress it to look old – we’ll see!!

This little piece of fabric was actually a roll cushion cover that was split – I love the print and plan to open it out to use on my memo board.

I also got a very small gold photo frame to add to my collection.

The weather is starting to change here and I have been on the lookout for a doona/duvet cover or quilt for my bed as my sheet and blanket are no longer warm enough. I spotted a  queen size duvet in great condition and grabbed it as fast as I could.

A3 and I must have looked a sight walking home with the stroller loaded a mile high – I really looked like a bag lady today, but who cares – I got a bargain!!

So this is what it all cost:

  • 2 corkboards               $3
  • Decanter                        $2
  • Duvet                              $3
  • Picture                           $3
  • School top                    $1
  • Placemats                     $2
  • Little gold frame          50c
  • Roll cushion fabric     50c

Total for everything    $15             

Stay tuned for the memo board revamp in the near future!!


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