The Little things….

I have been questioning a lot lately and feeling a bit insecure and lost again. I think it is mostly because I am in a new city on my own with four kids and hubby away for another two weeks still. This has made me wonder (very occasionally) whether we have done the right thing in relocating and what the future really holds for us. In the past before we have moved we have always had the okay from the team we worked with in ministry and a number of prophetic words spoken over us and so it seemed to make moving seem easier. This time we have chosen the route we wanted to take and although we haven’t had amazing words spoken over us or even the encouragement of friends we have felt God’s freedom over us to choose what we want to do and His blessing at whatever we choose to do. Some friends have been scratching their heads in thinking that we have surely lost the plot, turning down ministry opportunity again and moving to somewhere where we could be insignificant. Well, I think I am so over needing to be in ministry for ministry’s sake. I can’t bear the thought of going back to nice meetings that do nothing and take the church nowhere. God has enlarged my heart for more and I want to get out there and do the practical kingdom stuff!! This is probably why I have been so frustrated this week – I am stuck at home with no transport (except my legs which are starting to look hot I might add from all the walking!!) and I have been asking God for a glimpse of what is to come. Are we going to go to India and lay hands on the sick and love the orphans ( don’t panic Mom, I mean for outreaches and not to live!) or are we going to go to the islands and see God’s power and love and freedom sweep over people.?I don’t know, but I do know that I want more from this walk with Him.

Just when my frustration was reaching its maximum, God gently reminded me that everyday is a day in His kingdom. I received an email from someone precious who was in our church in Christchurch and Auckland and who lives here in Melbourne. As I read how she is struggling with a dying Dad and juggling family, my heart ached and I thought “I can bring in God’s kingdom right here and now.” Granted she lives the other side of the city which is about an hour and a half from us but I can phone her in the meantime and let her know I am praying and encourage her. In a few weeks when we have a car again, we can go and see her and take some meals, give a hug and pray for her dad. The point I am trying to make is that God can use us wherever we are and that his kingdom can be powerful everyday if we look out for opportunities to touch, pray for and bless others. Too often we get bogged down with day to day worries that we miss the opportunities to reach out. This is where I want His kingdom to invade my life more and more – that I will live supernaturally every day. So can we make a mistake in choosing where we want to be? – I don’t think so if we view things from a kingdom perspective – the kingdom is within us and flows through us – wherever we are we can release God’s love, power and grace to those who need it. It’s the little things that will change this world – one by one…


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