Tonight it was cuteness itself when A3 said his prayers. I was astounded at how he prayed – he obviously listened well in children’s church this morning. This is his prayer – so cute!!

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for taking away our sins and thank you for the church. Thank you for Daddy and please let him have a good day tomorrow. Thank you for mummy and my brother and for my Zonut (his nickname for Z10) and for my Kayla (M15). Thank you for my toys and for Mr Bear bear.

Haymen (his way of saying amen).

It really blesses me when he prays from his heart – I can almost see the Father smiling down on him. Today M15 was complaining of backache so he simply said, “I will pray for you.” He duly laid hands on her and prayed. I have been amazed at his response over the last month in praying for the kids and myself when we have needed it. Z10 is also flying spiritually. She has been having prophetic dreams and God has given her a picture of a man in a green shirt and brown pants called Tom who has a sore shoulder. Still waiting to see if that produces anything, but I am delighted with their openess to hear and believe God for miraculous things. If only we could all have ssuch a simple faith!!


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