Trip down memory lane…

I was going through some of my photos the other day and was remembering some of the most beautiful places Hubby and I (and sometimes the children) have been lucky enough to visit.  Here is a quick tour of some of the things we have done over the last 10 years.

One of our first trips was to Los Angeles. Now I actually wouldn’t say this was the most beautiful place I have been but Disneyland was definitely a highlight for us and a place we thoroughly enjoyed visiting. Another memorable moment was catching a ferry to Catalina Island – memorable because I was pregnant with Z10 and I felt rather sea sick on that trip. Once we got to the island though it was well worth it. The town of Avalon was such a quaint place that I was enchanted.

Another place I absolutely loved was Mexico. Although we only saw a small part of it, it was an experience I really enjoyed and the food and culture was stunning. One of my favourite things was to eat fish tacos from the street vendors and wash it down with a tecate beer or a sangria. This was the place I developed my love for coriander (or cilantro as they call it). We went to a place called La Bufadora which was a market near a natural blowhole on the ocean. The market was lovely and haggling was expected. We managed to pick up a few treasures for next to nothing.

Another place we visited very briefly was Frankfurt in Germany. The day we arrived Germany had won a major soccer match and the festivity and celebration throughout the city was incredible.

Then of course New Zealand alone has many beautiful places with lakes and mountains that would make you catch your breath. Christchurch where we lived for 5 years is one of the prettiest cities I have ever seen.

Another place we stayed was at Lake Tekapo which is on this beautiful icy blue lake with the Lupins blooming and beautiful mountains.

A highlight for us as a family was visiting South Africa again in 2007. We went back to the place we had lived before we moved to New Zealand and again it hit home to me how beautiful the whole George/Knysna area of South Africa is.

A wonderful  part of our trip was visiting the Kruger National Park as a family. The children were fascinated with all the animals they saw in their own habitat as well as the many insects we did not see in New Zealand. We had a wonderful time exploring and discovering nature.

On returning from this trip we stayed at Singapore and enjoyed the beaches and the colourful buildings in the city. Shopping was an exciting thing for us to do in all the plazas.

Another exciting trip we have had has been to Victor Harbor in South Australia. We had a wonderful time watching whales and enjoying the pretty coastline there. Another highlight was having a romantic evening picnic (minus the children of course!!) in a vineyard and olive grove while we watched Moulin Rouge on a screen. It was such a lovely expertience – we sat out under the stars on our blanket with our wine and hamper and watched this romantic movie – a great evening.

When I look at all the wonderful places we have been fortunate enough to visit, I feel blessed and enriched for all the experiences we have had. Our children have had a wonderful opportunity to see and experience many different cultures and foods and this will be something they will hopefully cherish one day.


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