new painting

Today I painted my first painting not only for 2010 but also the first painting in Melbourne. I felt creative this morning and decided to go for it and paint today. It was  quite a big painting and once I started  I didn’t want to stop till I had finished it. At least I think it is finished – often I go back to my paintings and add to them.

This is a very vibrant painting – the colours are eye-catching and very uplifting which is what I was aiming for. Although I took artistic licence and added the bougainvilla I have always dreamed of visiting Greece one day and so this will be my prophetic reminder each day as I look at the painting. I have chairs that have loose cushions in my dining room and I aim to cover them in an equally vibrant fabric with ties so that they match this painting. Will show you the room when it is done.

This gives you an idea of the size of the painting.


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