I love Thrift stores….

There is nothing better than finding a bargain or an old piece of “junk” and turning it into something that becomes beautiful added to your home. I particularly love things that have character or have been loved in someone else’s home. In fact I think I am a thrift store addict! There, I’ve confessed my weakness to all in blogland. I am seeking help for this addiction, but no matter how hard I try, I just can’t pass that thrift shop door. I hear treasures calling my name all the time and before I know it I am leaving the store with a handful of all sorts and only a few dollars out of my purse. I thi nk that’s what I love the most about thrifting – if you know where the good stores are you can get things for next to nothing.

A few weeks ago when Hubby was due to arrive for a weekend visit, I decided to look for a pretty dress. I can hear my family gasping in shock as I am not really a girly girl and don’t often wear dresses – that is until I moved to Melbourne where it is so hot!! So I was looking for something that was striking but not too smart – that I could wear anytime. As I went into the thrift store I saw a lady holding this dress and I just knew that it was the one. Relax, I didn’t mug her for it – I still have some thrift store manners, however I did stalk her a little around the shop, pretending to look at things while eyeing that dress out. Eventually she headed for the change room and I have never prayed so hard that a dress would not fit someone. It seemed like ages befor she came out and I wasn’t sure whether she was going to take it or not. To my relief she put it back on the rack. Then I was like a mad woman – I had to get that dress before someone else got it. Once I had it in my hands my prayers changed to, “please let it fit me!!!”  Well it all turned out well as I got the dress and paid $3 for it and hubby loved it when he arrived and I was wearing it.

Today I was back at the thrift store and found some more treaures. I bought three cushions – don’t you love the tassels on these – they are lovely and so soft.

I found two more frames for my photo wall and so will keep adding to it.

The best find today was a suede skirt that will look stunning with my boots this winter. It was in great condition and I only paid $3 for it. Now where could you get brand name wear for such a bargain!! You might get to see a photo of me in it this winter!

So if you have never shopped at thrift stores and it is part of your culture – what are you waiting for – get out there!!!


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