This post is to wish Dad and Elaine a very Happy Birthday from us all – not only are they celebrating their birthdays on the 14th and 17th of March, but they are also celebrating 25 years together this weekend with some friends who felt their birthdays and these other milestones are worth throwing a monster party for. We wish them a wonderful weekend, fun partying and a blessed and prosperous year ahead. We love you both from all of us!!


One thought on “Celebration

  1. Elaine

    What a stunning clever girl you are, and what a stunning super family, and stunning card. I tell you, we are 2mazed!Thank you! We had a lovely celebration on my last day of being 69!And of course, Vin and Shelley shared as it was their wedding anniversary. I was thoroughly spoilt, and Dad battled through the “horror worries” as the friend who planned it all, actually took over, so he wasn’t consulted much, is Afrikaans and he thought she might play sakkie sakkie music. Actually folk were so busy talking the music got lost anyway.
    Yes everything this year is a quarter century celebration, so I will be taking Dad out on his 25th birthday together!On my birthday we had a lovely surprise as your Mom and Dad joined us for lunch> You probably know that already, but what a lovely day it was. Dad tried to get you on skype before hand, but although you were on line we were unsuccessful. Will try again though when I can get him up early enough. Caro, do you have “Curves” gym for ladies there? One of my spoilings was a years subscription!! I had a free month for Christmas, and when I said I had enjoyed it, this precious girl went and paid for the year, and brooked no argument. It was a done deal before I knew it. Now I have no excuse for any “middle age spread” any more! I thought I would be able to relax once the three score years and ten were achieved, but no, on with the torture. But it is great.
    We have been educated today, having received a card to collect post at the Post Office. It read “at counter Emphithi so we waited an hour and asked at the counter what Emphiti meant. Oh, they said, you have to go there to collect your post. So where? we asked, moderately patiently. To cut a long story short and spare the details of the next hour, wherever it is is where parcels for Napierville will go in the future, and meantime will be sent to Mayor’s Walk PO for us this time only! We have yet to find the actual place!And of cvourse, we have yet to be notified of this change of policy!! New SA. We love you stacks and so appreciate not being forgotten. Tons love to you all, Elaine and Dad.


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