Today I received a beautiful bunch of roses from Hubby – no they were not real roses because we are in two different countries – they were a bunch sent online. This may sound silly but actually it felt so romantic to me as he sent it with the most amazing love note. The roses are not only stunning but also arranged in a scene that Hubby knows would appeal to me. I absolutely love them and I will always be able to look at them time and again because they will never wilt and die. Truly, we have had to discover romance and our appreciation and love has increased as we have been apart. I am counting the 20 days till he arrives and in the meantime skype, and emails are how we keep up with one another. Romance needn’t die because technology has increased – Hubby has shown me this today and our romance is alive and well….

Here are my beautiful flowers that he sent me – hope you enjoy them too!!


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