little ones, awesome faith

I have to say that I love the faith of little kids. They just think everything has a simple solution and is able to be solved. This is the thing that happened to me on Friday. I was checking out some of the blogs I read while  lying on my bed. I guess I must have been lying at an awkward angle because I pulled something in my neck and ended up with an excruciating pain that was sore whichever way I turned my neck. Of course I yelled out in pain. A3 was playing lego on the carpet at my feet and he immediately jumped up and came over to pray for me – how precious is that?? He laid his hand on my neck and simply said this, “Thank you Jesus that you will take then pain away from Mummy’s neck so that she can have a good day, thank you for our computer and for our lego and look after Daddy and let him have a good day. Amen.”

That was it and off he scampered to play. Well I was gob-smacked at his little but very powerful prayer – he expected it to be answered so didn’t even wait to see if Jesus had healed my neck – Of course Jesus would – he had asked hadn’t he?

Well, what can I say but that Jesus loves the honesty, integrity and innocence of little ones and that I was instantly healed. Oh how we complicate things and can learn simple truth from little ones – they have awesome faith!!!


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