power of imagination

The imagination is a marvellous thing. I think that many times we begin our childhood full of dreams, hopes and imagination and then as we grow and develop and “mature” so we set aside the “childishness” of our imaginings. We are taught to be realistic and not idealistic, as it will do us no earthly good as we become adults. How sad this is I believe.

I watched A3 play this morning. We pulled out all his lego toys, his castle, farm animals, cars and train set and set up a village with a cushion and his duvet. It took all of two minutes to set up but has given him an enormous amount of pleasure as he pretends to be fighting with his lego men in his castle, or farming or whatever role play he chooses. If I have my way, I will encourage him always to have  a vivid imagination and to dream awesome dreams.

I was kick started again last night at a meeting with church. I have been so focussed on this relocation and surviving it alone – paperwork to do, and bureaucracy that I stopped living from heaven to earth and was living in the natural again. Well last night I watched a dvd of Todd Bentley doing a course on supernatural living and I learned so much. This helped me to shift my focus back on Him again. Now before you get upset that I am listening to someone like Todd who has fallen from grace and been restored to ministry, just check your own life to see if it is completely free of mess ups and never in need of God’s grace. No, none of us are there and we can learn from anyone.

Mostly I was challenged again to believe that I can access heaven now and that my imagination is vital in God’s plan – after all He gave it to me so that I could use it wonderfully. This is not New Age thinking – they stole the idea from us in the first place – Christians need to stop being so fearful of things jumping out as us from behind every bush and start walking in our God given authority, identity and power – to do that it means we have to access heaven daily and encounter our creator. We can’t give away what we don’t have, so we need to get it from the Author of life.

Last night at bedtime, I lay in bed in the dark and listened to Kim Walker singing He Loves Me – I felt like I was lifted out of my bed and captured up to heaven and as the words came I saw Jesus smiling at me – pure joy and I saw and felt the waves of love – so indescribable washing over me – I was actually shaking in my bed. Now that’s the way to go to sleep – a goodnight cuddle from my friend and Lord Jesus. If you have never heard this song have a listen here – you will be blessed as it is so anointed.

So when I look at A3 playing happily with not a care in the world, imagining that he is able to slay dragons and fight the baddies, drive a car, or achieve impossible things; then I can understand why Jesus says we need to be like children to enter the kingdom – kids believe  everything is possible!!


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