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Although I usually don’t make a habit of comparing one place I have lived with another as I enjoy each experience that I have  in each place I just can’t help myself in this post. I am currently living on New Zealand dollars in Australia while hubby works out his notice in NZ and so that alone should be stretching financially as the NZ dollar is, shall we say, a bit pathetic at the moment against the Oz dollar. So I lose a lot of cash each time we transfer it across. I have been challenged to be very budget conscious here but surprisingly it has shown me how much cheaper a lot of items are here in Australia. This has left me wondering why we paid so much in NZ for certain products and now understanding why we struggled so much.

Here are a list of products and the cost in NZ as opposed to Australia. Please don’t attack me if I am slightly wrong – I am going on memory as to the NZ prices and I will try and post the best NZ price as I remember it. One thing to remember is that Aussie salaries seem to be better overall than NZ salaries which makes me scratch my head further!!

Product                                                               Australia                                                 NZ

Fresh Milk Standard 3 Litres                            $3- 09                                                        $3-59

Longlife Milk   1 Litre                                     $1-07                                                         $1-89

Bread white                                                           $1-08                                                          $1-45

Cheese Tasty  1 kg                                               $6-99                                                          $8-99

Sugar white 1.5 kg                                                    $1-65                                                           $2-25

Margarine Canola 1kg                                        $1-89                                                           $3-95

Pasta spaghetti                                                      99c                                                               $1-25

Tinned Tuna 425g                                                $1-89                                                           $3-85

Rockmelon                                                             99c                                                                $2-00  up

Flour  1 kg                                                               99c                                                                $1-99

Bacon 1 kg                                                             $6-60                                                            $8-00 up

Frozen Mixed Veggies 1 kg                            $1-59                                                             $1-99 up

Fruit juice 3 litres                                              $1-99                                                              $2-99

Eggs 12 dozen                                                       $1-99                                                             $2-99

Toilet paper 12 pack                                          $2-99                                                             $3-65

Scotch Finger Biscuits                                       99c                                                                  $1-20

Boneless Chicken breasts   per kg                 $7-99                                                             $9-99

Beef mince per kg                                                $4-99                                                              $5-99

Granted there are some odd things that are cheaper in NZ – I think ice -cream may be one of those things as are avocadoes (although I have been assured that they will drop in price eventually). Washing powder seems expensive here in Australia but I still need to shop around. It’s all about knowing where to go to shop – we have a great and very cheap shop here called Aldi – the prices are very low but they don’t have a huge selection of choice of products – I can cope with that!!! Apologies that my lists are not all lined up for easy reading – I’m not sure how that happened but it makes for exciting reading!!


One thought on “cost of living…

  1. Nicola

    I do believe Australia has tax reductions on fruit and veggies there so that alone SHOULD be cheaper. I guess the other thing to consider is taking the AU$ and convert it to NZ$. For example, your beef mince in NZ is say NZ$5.99 a kilo. Convert that Oz $$ and it should be AU$4.59. So in Australia, your mince is actually more expensive by 41c.

    I guess it depends how you look at it 🙂


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