Garden Challenge

I am feeling desperate to be creative but have no outlet at the moment, so I am tackling parts of my garden in an attempt to settle my creative flow. The garden of the home we have moved to needs help desperately. I had a chuckle when I read the property manager’s report regarding the garden. It said the garden was ” immaculate” – Well from what I could see the shrubs look like they have been attacked by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as they have been chopped right down  and the leftover dead branches not even properly removed. The roses ( I managed to eventually identify these plants – please note my sarcasm!!) are so in need of pruning that they are falling over in places – although I should be glad they didn’t destroy them with the chainsaw because at least I can rescue them now. I have a friend who is a rose lover (and ironically her name is Rose) and she has promised to come and care for my roses and restore them.

I have an elevated area at the back of the house that is bare except for some weeds that are starting to look healthy so I have decided to start there. I have already planted some slips that I have picked up from my walks along the front of this box and should get a beautiful trailing pink display in the future.

At the back against the fence I plan to sow some dwarf sweetpea seeds. I am planning to mix up vegetables and some flowers to make a pretty display. I want some lavender, rosemary, mint, parsley and some seasonal veggies put in as well.  I will keep you updated every few weeks with how it is all growing once I have sown everything. I am going for the really economic version as well – planting seeds from scratch and no seedlings, so hopefully everything grows. I was reading a fascinating article about moon gardening and how different cycles of the moon affects plants and how they grow – different!!! Anyway I have enough to worry about without having to check the moon’s cycles as well!! So here’s hoping all goes according to plan.


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