Scrapbooking memory album

Why oh why do I get myself into these things? We were about to relocate across the Tasman Sea and I had a lot to do, but then M15 convinced me that she needed to make a little memory book for her friends before she left and I ended up tackling a scrapbooking project. I seem to be very good at this kind of thing. I will inevitably try a new recipe when I have people coming round for dinner, or once I had people coming to stay and I decided their room was too bland so I decided to paint a painting quickly. I only had 50 minutes to paint it as they were arriving and it went on the wall still drying. This is my life – I get great ideas and want them done asap.

You would think I would learn and try to de-stress my life a little, but somehow I find the last minute craziness helps me to get through. Even when we left South Africa we were doing last minute things – we painted ourselves out the front door as we were sealing the wooden floors of our newly sold home. We locked up, handed over the keys and left. No time for sadness or reminiscing, and that seems to be the pattern of my life.

So there  I was scrapbooking with M15 to get 3 little memory books done. This is what we did – it is actually a cool idea and quite cost efficient as we used brown paper bags to make our booklets. We have found that buying packs of scrapbooking paper is cheaper than individual sheets from the scrapbooking shop or the other option to keep costs down is to look at the clearance table in the scrapbook shop.

We had an array of papers and buttons, sequins, little pegs, ribbon and all sorts.

We began by folding our bags in half to make a booklet. We punched two holes into the bag to tie the booklet together at the end. We alternated the way the bags went so that we got the fold at the bottom of the paper bag every few pages. Having the fold at the bottom makes it neat -when you paste paper over it, it looks quite effective.

Then we just picked and chose what paper we wanted on each bag and glued it on. We embellished each page with buttons, ribbon or whatever and then added photographs or cool sayings. We used three bags for each booklet but you can add as many as you want.

This ended up being a lovely and cost effective little memory album for her friends.

And after all that, with packing to move I forgot to take a picture of our completed booklets – but trust me – they were cool!!


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