Blogging withdrawal…

I have not had much access to the internet over the last couple of weeks as we have been waiting for our phone line which has finally come and it will be about another week till we get the internet – I am having blogging withdrawal. I suddenly realise how much I enjoy blogging!! Nevertheless it has inspired me to be creative in other ways which is good. I have so desired to paint again but haven’t had canvas or paints to dabble with. My home is slowly filling up with things although the personal touches of soft furnishings and paintings, photos etcetera are still lacking we will get there. I will post some more photos when my internet comes.

I have been doing a lot of walking and have taken some photos of a few of the houses – I love how quaint and individual the Ozzie houses are – they are all different and quite lovely.


One thought on “Blogging withdrawal…

  1. Tina Johns

    O wow Caroline… Melbourne looks so different from Auckland! I reckon I could get into this blogging. I’ll email you some time to tell me how to get started = ) lotsa love t


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