Faithful God!!

God is so faithful in every way… It is incredible how he cares for us and meets our every need. We are moving into our new home tomorrow and I have been rather stressed this week trying to work out having enough money for the initial deposit and rent. A months rent is required as a bond and then another months rent up front so it is a hefty sum. Added to my worries were the fact that our NZ dollars when exchanged shrank considerably and I had uniform and book costs for the children’s schooling. With all these factors I was $43 short for my rent/bond tomorrow. I decided not to worry about it anymore and trust God to meet this need in time. Today in church while I was worshipping I felt God remind me of the gold coins that were found in the fish’s mouth to pay taxes, and I felt God say to me,  ” I am going to send you a fish.”

After church we had coffee and I was telling everyone how excited we were to be moving into our home and that it feels like we are receiving a giant lucky dip because we don’t know what furniture is coming as people have blessed us in so many ways. As I was running to the car to leave church, someone ran up to me with an envelope and said that it was a gift that someone wanted to give us as a family. Inside was money – over eight times the amount I needed. This enables us to move, buy school items we still need and have enough food till our next lot of cash comes. God supplied my fish as He promised me in church. Not only what I desperately needed but abundantly more!! How good and faithful is He!!

E13 was blown away in church as well this morning. He came sidling up to me during worship and showed me his hands. They were covered in Gold and silver dust. God is showing not only me but the children his grace, favour and love as well in this time. I have so much to be thankful for…


One thought on “Faithful God!!

  1. Tina Johns

    Caroline how amazing our DAD is!!! Sooo Faithful! I’m so excited for you. You are doing so well getting things sorted while Hammy is here. Sending lotsa love


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