Op Shop Queen

I am very pleased to announce as a thrift store/op shop junkie that Melbourne has some very fine op shops. Something familiar to me – yay!!! The friend I am staying with took me to all the op shops because we were looking for school uniform bits for the kids and some text books. These were the  treasures I managed to come out with today!!

I bought a stroller/pram for A3 because I am unable to drive here till I do my driver’s test again and I do a lot of walking now.

I paid $8 for it – no I am not kidding.

I managed to get a school dress  and sports skirt for Z10 for 50 cents each and a german school dictionary for E13 for $1.

We are living in a lovely old village called Berwick village (pronounced Berrick) that has a very quaint feel to it. Their op shop is one of the cheapest I have ever been into and it is always packed – I know why!!

Here are some photos of the village.

Berwick Village is about 50km South East of Melbourne city centre  and is in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges.  There are a number of beautiful trees in the village. The Wilson Botannical Gardens in Berwick is a short walk from our new home and has some lovely walking paths and lakes.

Today I went with my friend to the Dandenong Market which runs every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. This is an amazing market with the most incredible fruit and vegetables and fresh fish. There are other things as well like flowers and plants and stalls selling all sorts of goods. This was a lovely experience.

As I look at these photos of our new home I feel very blessed – I think we will be here a very long time!!! I heard from Hubby today and it looks like he will be coming for a visit at the end of February for a long weekend – I can’t wait – I truly love that man to bits!!!


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