I would be lying if I said that everything was rosy this end – this has been one of the hardest weeks of my life and I’ve had awesome support. I would hate to have done this without the care and love that people have shown us here, but still it has been emotionally tough. I am missing hubby chronically even with skype to talk on, but the hardest thing has been seeing the children struggle so much. They are trying to put on a brave face but these first few days at a new school are not easy for them. Today M15 and E13 had to get to and from school by bus and my heart broke to see them having to be so brave. They managed okay even though the bus driver gave them a hard time after school as they had no bus pass from the school. Fortunately he took pity on them and allowed them on the bus. Now I have another thing to sort out. So much to do and I feel like the water depth is too deep right now. I hope this isn’t too depressing dear reader – actually I’m fine – just venting does help a bit!! The plus side is that everyone has been so helpful to me and have gone out of their way to make us feel loved and settled – what awesome people they are!! I have transferred my first lot of money from NZ and it shrank considerably much to my horror. I watched the exchange rate bounce around and up and down for a few days before I was brave enough to transfer it. I have definitely decided that playing the stock exchange would be way too stressful!! I am starting to look for some part time work and have sent off an application to be an integration aide in a school nearby so we will see what happens with that.

The one thing that keeps me going is knowing that Jesus loves us and is passionately for us and we have seen this lived out here through our new church friends. I also know that each day we are here it will get easier as we settle and become familiar with things. I have been surprised how unfamiliar everything is to me – I would have thought that coming from NZ to here that a lot of products and things would be the same but surprisingly I have not found it to be so. Having people here who can tip me off where to shop and where the discounts spots are has also been a huge help. So we are almost a week without hubby and I guess this week will be one of the hardest so looking forward to next week being an awesome week where my kids make good friends at school and settle into our new home. Bring it on…


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