starting school…

All the kids have started school now and this is what they look like in their uniforms. E13 was being a bit silly and showing off as usual and Z10 was sulking a bit but otherwise all is good!! M15 says it was the worst first day at a school she has ever had. Her previous school was small with about 460 pupils in total from Year 1 to year 13 and now she is in a high school that has about 1600 pupils. She says finding her classes are a nightmare and making friends is quite hard as they change classes and have different people in each class depending on their subject choice. Then there is the culture shock. She was previously in a Christian College and the worldliness of the kids has shocked her – their language and disrespect for the teachers has floored her. The first two girls that sat with her at lunch informed her that about 75% of the kids smoke and that about 89.5% of kids have had sex already. This has blown my girl’s brain as she can’t believe she will ever find a friend similar to herself with values and morals. Please Lord send her a good Christian friend!!

E13 says his day sucked simply because it was  school and school is not his favourite place to be, although he did say he made three friends. Check out his new haircut – I really like it and thankfully so does he as his hair has caused wars in our family!! So another day over and may it get easier for them to settle in their new country. Everyone (except me and Hubby) is a bit homesick for NZ and so hoping that the kids will settle in and make some good friends.

M15 really hates her new school uniform.

What a handsome son!!


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