Getting settled…

This has been a crazy week for me trying to get sorted here. The two older kids start school tomorrow and poor M15 is very nervous. I spent today trying to get uniforms, books and more sorted. Sending your kids to school here is not cheap as we have to buy their textbooks as well as their stationery – very scary!!!

The good news is that I signed a lease for the home we liked and we are able to move in on Monday next week. The church have been so generous – they have collected a lounge suite, dining suite, beds, a washing machine, drawers, tv, dvd player and a number of other things for us. We have been so overwhelmed by their generosity to us. The two older kids are also going on a youth camp soon and this has been sponsored by the youth. Here is a photo of the outside of our new home and I will post more photos when we move in.

This photo was taken a while ago when there was rain – the grass  is very dry now and the shrubs have been severely pruned back.


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