We have made  a small amount of progress – not too much but just enough to keep me sane. We have at least managed to get the two older children’s details written on a form by giving another family in the church’s address. This is not 100% the truth (God forgive me please…) but I am at a loss what to do. I fully intend to get our rental home in the zone so don’t feel as though I am going to completely deceive them by lying totally. I just want them to get into school till one of the couple of homes we are looking at in zone become available in the next week or so.

We are looking at two homes tomorrow and so really pray that one of them comes through. Z10 visited her school and they are not worried at all about zoning for her so she will have an interview tomorrow and be good to go on Monday hopefully. I am a little frustrated as a lot of paperwork that I need to do is  supposed to be done online, but I am not having much success here as it is either dependant on us having our own address or their website is down. I feel like I am going in circles – some GRACE please!!  Hubby leaves for NZ on Sunday again and I was so hoping to have a lot of our set up plans done. Will update again soon.


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