Australia Day

Today is Australia Day here and a holiday. We went off very early with our new friends to Fern Gully and climbed the 1000 stairs.  It was exhausting but exhilirating. I trailed slowly up the back with A3 who did incredibly well. He made it about two thirds of the way up all by himself when one of the ladies met us as she was coming down and took him back down so that I could continue to the top. It was certainly a good workout for the butt!!

I was delighted to see a number of tree ferns in the bush amongst a million eucalyptus trees of course. Again I got to sight some lovely birds in the bush, I saw a couple of kookaburras and some lyrebirds too as well as cockatoos.  I managed to get a couple of photos although they weren’t the greatest quality as I was negotiating stairs , a toddler and a million fitness freaks doing the walk while I was trying to snap a picture of the birds in the bush and so they are a bit fuzzy. At one point I was leaning into the bush on my knees – does that sound familiar Dad?

Waiting at the bottom of the trail for the others to arrive. The 1000 steps only started about another 500 metres up the hill.

These two Laughing Kookaburras were tapping the tree branch with their beaks and laughing like two naughty children. They make rather a noise!!

The two lyrebirds were lovely and full of mischief. A3 called them firebirds!!

On our way home we stopped at Lysterfield Lake to have a look – this is a big mountain bike cycling trail and hubby was delighted to learn that he is allowed to swim in the lake and will be able to train for his triathlons here. It is fairly close to where we will be living so all is good.

Hubby is delighted too that so many of the men in our new church are fitness and cycling fanatics. At last he will have cycling partners!! It feels as though God is really restoring a number of things to us again.


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