Down to Business…

We have visited the High School that we want M15 and E13 to go to without great success. We have to have an address that is in their zone before they will enrol them and we only have a week to go till school starts. The home we are staying in now is just outside of this zone so that is not helpful. We tried to visit the primary school today for Z10 but there was no admin staff back yet. So we will head back to the primary school on Thursday and hopefully all will be go. We have applied for a rental home that we like. It has a nice sized garden, is close to the Berwick Village which is a quaint and lovely little shopping village, but also close to a huge Westfield shopping complex that has everything. It has easy access to the motorway and is in walking distance to Z10’s school and on the bus route for the older kids high school should I be working. We are waiting to hear from the property manager as to when we can get in to look and move in. Those prayer warriors out there who want to help, please pray that we have favour as a family and get the rental sooner than later. They are busy doing a bit of work on it, but we really need to sign a lease as soon as possible. So we are trusting God to come through for us. Will keep you all updated as to our progress.


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