birds, bugs and hubby!!

Hubby and I have been trying to maintain our walking regime since we have arrived. We have not managed to go every day since being here but we try as often as we can. There is a walking track right behind the home we are staying at now and we get out there to walk. Yesterday hubby nearly drove me insane as every three steps he would come to a halt and yell, ” Wow look at that beetle!” Then a few steps later it was,” That ant is huge!!” and so we went for about 100 metres. Eventually I ran out of patience as we were walking at the pace of a snail – so much for exercise. I must admit though that the birds are phenomenal here – we do stop and stare at them as they are stunning – all the cockatoos and lorikeets and parrots that just fly around wild. I have decided to make up a bird list of what we see on my blog – more for you dad so that you can enjoy it too!!

So keep an eye out for  my bird list page that I will add at the top pf my blog sometime soon. Right now we are off to church for the first time here and I am so looking forward to it – we have met some amazing, lovely people already since being here.


2 thoughts on “birds, bugs and hubby!!

  1. embejo

    Aw…I miss Australia’s birds. Every night at home we’d get a flock of galahs come and land in our almond tree for a feast. Australian birds are particularly vibrant and also quite loud…lots of fun. I even miss the crows hahahah…..with their pessimistic caw in the heat of summer that sounds like ‘why..why….why…’

    1. 4maze Post author

      Oh well you’ll just have to come over sometime for a visit – you’re welcome at our home anytime!! I do love the galahs – they seem to have such character.


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