Arriving in Australia

Well we are finally here!! We had a good flight across the Tasman and all went smoothly except for one quick, brief bumpy patch that had A3 giggling and holding his “funny tummy” as we bumped around.

We arived in Sydney and were amazed at how easy it was for us to pass through customs – no questions asked about our relocation, no being made to open our baggage and not even our bags screened as we passed through customs. I realised then how having a New Zealand passport made the world of difference to travelling. We were used to travelling on our South African passports where inevitably we would have to answer many questions, get frisked and scanned and usually have our luggage thoroughly checked. Oh how nice to feel freedom and no suspicion.

We checked our bags in for the next leg of our journey and headed for the food court to feed the hungry kids.

We almost missed our flight and had to run for our plane as we hadn’t realised that customs and our bus transfer at Sydney had taken so long. Hubby flew across after us on another flight which confused me as our plane was meant to be full. I pondered on this as I looked at the two empty seats across the aisle from me – Oh well!!

We arrived in Melbourne and were met by a friendly stranger who helped me collect our bags. Oh the frustration when I discovered two of our bags were missing. After much searching hubby arrived and so we checked that the 2 bags weren’t on his flight instead – no go!! So off to baggage complaints I went to track my luggage.

Finally we were told that they were coming in on the next flight and so we waited again for them to arrive. A3 informed me that he had decided he didn’t want to live here in the airport in Australia after all. The relief on his face when I told him that we weren’t living in the airport was a treat.

Finally we loaded our luggage and selves into the car and headed for “home” – the place we were staying. It took almost an hour from the airport to Narre Warren, the area we are in. As I saw the vast size of Melbourne as we travelled I had a silent panic attack going on inside of me. Was I mad moving without my hubby for two months and taking on a new city alone?? Fortunately by the time we arrived my head and emotions were calm again and my mind said “Yes, I can do this!!”

So here we are and loving our new experience. We had a busy day organising a bank account and other paperwork, but little by little we will take the land and get the tasks done. Good friends of ours are  driving four hours from Mount Gambier on the weekend to come and see us – now how is that for a welcome? The family we are staying with are wonderful – they have opened their hearts and home to us and made our children feel so welcome. We are truly blessed!


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