My Dad

Today (19th) or rather yesterday was my Dad’s birthday.

As I was walking this morning thinking about him and his special day, so many fabulous memories of him and my childhood came back to me. I am truly thankful for my dad and thank God for him in my life. My Dad is adventurous and I like to think my wanderlust and desire for adventure in life comes from him.

As a child we spent fantastic holidays in remote beach settings, camping with no luxury and a long drop toilet, but what holidays they were. We were exposed to trips to the Kruger National Park where we learned about trees, birds and animals from Dad and some rather adventurous walks with dad too!! Dad patiently helped us fish and encouraged us in our sporting endeavours. All in all we are very blessed to have had a dad like ours.

Even now, he and Mom love to disappear for a week or two in their caravan on some new adventure. I never thought I had gypsies for parents, but seems I was wrong after all. I hope that I enjoy life as much as they do when I’m their age. So, Happy Birthday Dad and thanks for many wonderful memories over the years  – I Love You!!

Our favourite place – Kruger National Park – October 2007


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