Day at the Beach

Today was a beautiful hot day and so we headed off to the beach. We were minus M15 because she was having lunch with some friends and a sleepover as it is her last week to catch up with them. I feel for her, but she is being a champion. We headed off to St. Heliers beach and had a marvellous time.

A3 loves the water and would spend hours swimming if he could. He has discovered that his hands go crinkly from being in the water too long and this has become a major concern to him. He has decided bathing is out due to this fact and showering is in as it is quick, but somehow it hasn’t put him off swimming.

Then we headed up the hill at St. Heliers so that I could get some view shots. The lookout point is above a nudist beach so I hear, so I pointed my camera out to sea and thanked the Lord that my zoom lense is not that good. All was good – no x-rated phots taken!!!

The view of Auckland city was stunning and then I took some other shots out to sea.

The other day we went to the North shore of Auckland to a beach called Takapuna beach. Here are the photos I took of Auckland from the other side.


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