I have mentioned before that sushi is one of our families favourite meals – from the 3 year old up to the oldest of us. We have discovered it is so cheap and easy to make (although it is a little tricky till you get the swing of it). Buying it just costs too much for our size family. Today I taught M15 how to make it and she did a fabulous job. This is what we did.

  • 1 packet of seaweed paper
  • jasmine or basmati rice cooked. We used 4 cups of rice and this made a good amount.
  • Rice wine vinegar (Apple cider vinegar works just as well)
  • Anything you want for a filling. We used cucumber, surimi, and avocado. Anything works – leftover chicken, salmon,tuna is all delicious.
  • Sauces – we used a little mayonnaise in our sushi roll – sweet chilli sauce is also yummy.
  • Soy sauce

Cook up your rice and allow it to cool a bit. Add a little bit if rice wine vinegar to the rice – this gives it a lovely taste but also stops the rice being too sticky when you put it into the seaweed sheet.

Spoon enough rice onto your seaweed sheet so that it covers most of the sheet. Flatten the rice down with your fingers. Keep a small dish of rice wine vinegar to dip your fingers into when the rice gets too sticky.

now place your fillings in a line down the sushi about 2 – 3 cm into the sheet. Add any sauce on top of your filling – we used mayonnaise today.

Now for the tricky bit. A bamboo mat really is handy here but not essential. Slowly fold the seaweed over while holding your filling in place and roll up the seaweed as tightly as you can.

Seal the end by using a little vinegar to keep the seaweed down. Let it stand for a couple of minutes. Then using a sharp knife cut it into pieces and arrange on a platter. When serving have a bowl of soy sauce that you can drizzle over your sushi before eating.

This is a very healthy and delicious meal. My very favourite sushi is with salmon slivers or teriyaki chicken. These make great party or drink snacks too.  So enjoy!!  If you don’t succeed at first making sushi, give it another try – my first attempt was rather sad too!!


2 thoughts on “Sushi

    1. 4maze Post author

      Hi Nix, I get the seaweed from Pak n Save in the International aisle – it is cheapest there – I paid about $3,80 for a pack of 10 sheets – when we made our sushi we used only about 6 sheets so it goes a long way.


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