Birthday Girl

Z9 will be 10 today – an important birthday for any child when you enter double figures. She is such a blessing to our family in every way. She has a wonderful nature – very caring and loving – she always thinks of others and how they are feeling. Her name means life and her second name means delight. We specially chose these names for her wanting and believing that she would be a life of delight and she truly is. She loves to cook and always asks if she can help me with dinner (sometimes I graciously allow her to help and other times when I am in a rush I am less patient). Helping her dad at the BBQ is another favourite of hers!

She is excellent at sport – athletics is one of her strong abilities as is playing soccer and T-ball. She is full of energy and always keen to try new things. Some day she will make some very lucky man happy but till then we get to enjoy being with her and have her infectious personality in our household.



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