I wonder ….

A new decade is beginning and again we are on the threshold of where to and what does the future hold. Again we step out in faith and take on a new challenge of a different city, different country and new friends. This seems a familiar path to me – one we have travelled not once but twice before, and each time is just as exciting, terrifying and challenging as the time before. So what will our next ten years bring?

I wonder where I will be living in a month’s time – Yes I know it will be in Melbourne and I even know what suburb we will be living in due to school zoning, but as I gaze at rentals over the internet I try and imagine myself in each home – which will it be, or is our home still out there yet to be advertised? I guess I am a little bit impatient – that’s probably what makes change so easy for me in a way.

I wonder what job I will be doing? Will it be some menial, boring task to bring in some pennies, or will it be something I love doing and relish work each day? I really hope for the latter.

I wonder whether my kids will settle quickly and make new friends easily as my heart so wishes.

I wonder what it will be like shopping at Coles instead of Pak n Save. Will I wander the aisles looking for unfamiliar products like some lost child?

I wonder how I will manage without my best friend by my side each day for a few months?

I wonder too much I think …. but dreaming is all part of who we are and without dreams to cling to like a much needed life raft, what else do we have to propel us to our future – to inspire us and cheer us on? I hope I never become a cynic, but remain a hopeless dreamer forever!


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